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Masterful Business is a super customisable theme with large collection of shortcodes.
The highly efficient and flexible theme is designed specifically for organizations, companies and corporate purposes. Thanks of shortcodes collection and fully adjustable Custom Frontpage section you will be able to build website which ideally fits your business needs.
Buttons:Short way to display a buttons with tooltips.
Columns:Easy way to present your content as columns.
Advanced posts :Can be used to present a recent or related posts. It accepts a variety of parameters.
Advanced slider :Can be used to present a selected content like images, video, pages or posts. It accepts a variety of parameters.
Featured boxes :This shortcode allow to highlight a part of content.
Pricing boxes:Allow to present information about service, product or package. Purchase button included.
Tabs:Easy way to create tabbed content.
Tooltips:Short way to create a link with tooltip.
Toggle:Easy way to build FAQs, feature’s lists, notes etc.
Quotes:Stylish quotes.
Highlights:Allow to highlight words or phrases.
Charts:The Google Charts is extremely simple way to create charts from some data and embed it in a website.
Drop cap:Drop cap for 2 seconds.
Notes:Short messages.
6 Lists:Best way to build a stylish lists..
30 Icons:30 usefull icons ready to being used.
Miscellaneous:Contact form, horizontal line, prevent autoformatting etc.

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