Lightbox Image Overlay Effect Is Now Default On Blogger Blogs

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Back in May this year i showed you how to add a jQuery Lightbox Image Overlay Effect For images on your blog.Today the Blogger team have made a version of this default on all blogs.Previously Images when clicked opened as a seperate page, with the lightbox effect images pop up with the background darkened also thumbnails of other images within the post are listed below.So just upload images as normal and they can be viewed in a brand new way.

Introducing Lightbox, the latest in a series of Blogger updates aimed at giving you an improved and modernized blogging experience. Lightbox is a whole new way to interact with photos. When clicked, images now expand into a shiny new overlay that displays them at their full size for optimal viewing.

Click the images below to see the effect in action.

Another great new feature for Blogger, check out the Blogger post on lightbox Here.

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