Add An Admin Badge Plus Differant Style Colors To Author Comments On Blogger

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Admin comments badge and style on bloggerIn the comments here on Spice Up Your Blog when i as the admin or author, post a comment in the bottom corner there is a sparkling animated badge with the word 'Admin'.I have received so many requests to cover this in a tutorial so today i will show you how it's done.OK so back in April i published a post showing how to use different colors on the authors or admin comments on Blogger and we actually use the very same technique here but this time with a background image.While i will give you the URL for the admin badge i have been using and everyone seems to like so much you can use any image.

Now while we are adding the admin badge or image we might as well add some more styles to the author comments so they stand out, it does not require any extra work so why not.To that end i have also included the Css for your comments to have a different background color, Different border color and the border will have rounded corners.Lets look at the demo :
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