Beautiful jQuery Lavalamp Floating Bubble Menu For Blogger In 6 Styles

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Blogger jquery menuI recently realised i had not covered navigation menus too much in our Blogger Tips on Spice Up Your Blog.I Guess most custom templates already have a menu and templates from the template designer have tabs enabled which will turn a link list or page list into a menu.However i knew i wanted to cover the jQuery lava lamp or floating bubble menu as it is seriously cool, interactive and i have not seen it on any Blogger blog.The lava lamp menu has an effect you may have seen on other websites, a bubble is visible behind the first link title (Usually Home) on the menu and when you place your cursor over another link title the bubble slides up to that link.It looks awesome and as ever the use of jQuery makes it possible and smooth.As an extra bonus we have this effect added to 6 different color styles of menu you can quickly add to your blog !
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