Add A Neat 5 Column Category Label Section To Your Blogs Footer

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Blogger Categories IconA recent Email i received asked about two of my other blogs and how i had managed to place a list of labels across five columns in the footer.The two blogs in question are gallery's for Blogger Templates and Social Icons, as they are gallery's they both have a lot of labels or categories.Displaying all labels in the sidebar is not an option as it would take up too much room.So i have placed them listed alphabetically neatly in the footer across five columns.I then display some of the main labels in the sidebar with a link that jumps directly to the list in the footer for people to navigate.I find this a great use of space and in this Blogger Tip i will show you how i have done it.Below you can see some screenshots and i have the links to each site for you to see the section in action.

Blogger Tip Category Wrapper

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