New Official Blogger Gadget Add A Tip Jar For Donations To Your Blog

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Blogger today released a brand new gadget to the gadget directory, it's a Google Checkout Tip Jar.Many blogs have a donate button on their blog usually from PayPal that allows readers to show their appreciation so it's not a new concept but a Google Checkout donation is.The gadget will be easy to add to your sidebar requiring only two clicks."We know that most of you blog for the sake of sharing your thoughts and opinions, however a little side income is like an unexpected gift".

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Add The Google Checkout Tip Jar To Your Blog

Here are the steps as shown on the official Blogger Blog Blogger Buzz.
  1. Sign up for a Google Checkout Merchant account at
  2. Be sure to enable the HTML API by going to the Settings tab, clicking the integration link and unchecking the “My company will only post digitally signed carts” checkbox. Also, copy the Merchant Id for use in step 5.
  3. Back in Blogger, on the Design | Page Elements tab click “add a gadget” where you wish to place the Support gadget.
  4. Add the "Support My Blog" gadget from the gadget gallery.
  5. Customize your support button settings. The Checkout Merchant Id is the one you copied down in step two. Save and you’re done!

Note - I was expecting this to be at the top of the gadget list like they do with most new gadgets but i had to search to find it.

Note 2 - Just seen only people in the United States and United Kingdom can sign up, hmmm i don't think PayPal are gonna get too worried about loosing business.

Will you add it and have you ever or would you ever donate to a Blog ?

Drop your Comments and Questions below.

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