jQuery Lightbox Image Overlay Pop Out Effect For Blogger

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jQuery Lightbox Image OverlayRecently we have been looking at the images you use in your blog and making them display better and more interactive.This has included an Image Zoom Effect and Featured Image Slideshow.In this post we will cover perhaps the more popular image plugin.The lightbox plugin really is a 'Must Have' for blogs that use pictures in their posts.At the moment when a user clicks on an image you uploaded on your blog they click through to the image URL page which is just the image on a blank page.With this lightbox effect when your images are clicked they smoothly pop up into a container in full size with an optional description.If you have the effect added to more than one image users will have the option to scroll through each with next previous buttons.Lets look at some Demos.

While testing this i had to make a few demos so i kept two for you to check out, just click on the images in the demo posts.You will see the next and previous buttons when you hover over the image when popped out.
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