Fix The Number Of Posts Displayed On Blogger Labels Pages

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number-posts-per-label-bloggerIn a recent post i showed you how to have your blogs labels displayed in a drop down menu.A comment from APF in that post remarked "I'd prefer to see a drop-down that honors the limit (in my case, 1) number of posts per screen I've set for blogger in general".What APF is referring to here is he has set his blog to display one post per page, so on the home page of his blog there will be only one post.Then the Older Posts, Newer Posts links are there for people to navigate through other posts.You can set the number of posts per page on your blog in your settings under formatting.This works fine on the home page and with the older, newer links but when someone clicks a label the limit is not applied, in this post i will show you how to fix that.
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