A Day To Forget For Blogger

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Blogger reported blogs were Read Only for 20.5 hours, gotta admit it felt like longer.During this time you couldn't access your blogger dashboard and your blogs comment form was also inaccessible.This was a pain but hey, Bloggers record when it comes to up time is second to none so it's excusable.What this did display is Blogger like most other Google services were found lacking when it came to customer service.In a recent post i wrote about Problems i had with AdSense and how contacting someone was imposable, now i don't expect Blogger to open phone lines but they could have keep users better informed.On Twitter Blogger did actually post regular updates but what if your not on Twitter, you had the status page and forum both with one sentence messages.

Back in November last year after a less serious problem the Blogger team published the post Improving Our Communication of Blogger Service Interruptions, they need to take another look.

Blogger being read only was the the big issue for me, a day away from my blogs is not a big deal.However having the whole system backed up by two days is major, not only were all posts and comments from them two days temporarily removed any edits you make to your blogs design were also gone.While the posts have been restored and most comments are also back i have seen no information on design changes, will they be restored or do we need to make the changes again ?

Blogger is back and i do believe this was a one off.As Spice Up Your Blog constantly displays I'm one of Bloggers biggest fans but Blogger and Google need to improve their communication skills.

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