CleanMag Magazine Blog Theme

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CleanMag is a great and simple WordPress theme for your blogging activities with magazine style, it is really great and suitable for it, you can display your featured posts via an elegant featured content slider. Clean adn simple design of this theme that has basic SEO controls to fine tune your search engine optimization. Ads ready controlled via admin panel, this theme is easy to configure. CleanMag is designed to suit a wide variety of blog types.

CleanMag Magazine Blog Theme | Free Premium WordPress Theme

Theme Features:
  • Powerful Theme Control Panel

  • Upload your logo with 1-Click

  • Featured content sliding gallery

  • Feedburner integration

  • Built-in Twitter widget

  • Built-in Flickr widget

  • Basic SEO controls

  • Automatic image resizing

  • No custom fields - built-in post extras

  • Advertising management

  • Available no-sidebar page template

CleanMag Magazine Blog Theme | Free Premium WordPress Theme

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