Wordfinder Simple Magazine WordPress Theme

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Wordfinder is a simple magazine wordpress theme.This theme provide a very simple layout for users who want to start a blog very quickly but with a minimal layout style. This theme has many layout features,2 different main index as needed, 6 color for links and hover effect, a jQuery support for the hover effect on index and a full support of wordpress standards.

Wordfinder Simple Magazine WordPress Theme

Wordfinder is built without a self framework and a very simple structure.Support W3C web standards.

Theme Features:
  • WP Menu Navigation Support: Wordfinder support the menu navigation feature of wordpress.You can manage your categories and your page as you wish with full support for class menu.

  • Jquery Effect Integration: In order to improve the design of hover effect for links, images and divs on index was implemented some jQuery Effects.The integration is valid for both index page, diary and minimal and can be changed on the wordfinder.js file and the relatives code on the css.

  • W3C Validation and Browsers Support: Wordfinder Theme has reached the W3C standard xhtml and css 2.1 validation.The theme support CSS 2.1 standard and run great on Chrome 8(and older), Chrome 9 Beta, IE7, IE8, Firefox 3.6.13 (and older), Opera 11, Opera 10 (and older), Safari. For Mobile version there isn't a support yet but in the future will be.

  • 2 Type of index.php : Diary and Minimal.

  • Minimal index.php : number of post to show, thumbnail and excerpt.

  • Diary index.php : number of post to show

  • 6 Colors for stilying links and hover effect.

  • Logo Replacement with your own logo

  • A scrollable toolbar with menu and search.e

  • Wordpress Menu Navigation Support with 3 Level Depth

  • Threaded Comment Template with 5 depth level for nested comments.

  • Sticky Post Support

  • 5 Widget Highly-configurable Area

  • 2 Wordfinder Widget: Popular Post, Social Network

  • SubFooter Area with disable/enable Option

  • FeedBurner, Twitter and Facebook account support

  • Custom License Text on Footer

  • Different Banner Support : 468x60 , 250x250 ,125x125

  • Facebook Like and Retweet Button Integrated in the single post page.

  • Wordpress Post Thumbnail Support

  • Print CSS for single post


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