WhirlPool Free Premium Business WordPress Theme

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Elegant look and stylish design, amazing image slider in home page, great for corporate. It has 3 columns of content with large thumbnail.

WhirlPool Free Premium Business WordPress Theme

Theme Features:
  • Featured SLider

  • Static Home Page

  • Theme Option

  • Corporate Design

  • WordPress 3.0

Installation Instructions:

Main Theme
Upload the entire theme folder to your WordPress installation.
Upload to WordPress Themes Folder: /wp-content/themes/
It should look like this: /wp-content/themes/abc-theme/

Tip: Your theme folder contains files such as index.php, functions.php, *.php

Remember: You MUST upload these themes using FTP software, do not use any online upload tools.

Custom Home Page
How to install your theme and setup a custom homepage

1. Upload the theme into the /wp-content/themes/ folder. Remember, the theme should have its own folder name. It should look something like this: /wp-content/themes/abc-theme/
Remember: You MUST upload this using your FTP software, do not use any online upload tools.

2. Activate the theme in your Admin/dashboard

3. In the Admin/dashboard area click Pages ? Add New Page, create two pages:

-Create a new page and name it: “Home”
-In Attributes, under the Templates field choose MyHome

Using Thumbnails
To define a thumbnail for each post, you must use the custom field tag:
“post-img”, followed by the image url as value.

Custom Field: post-img
Value: /thumbnails/picture1.jpg


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