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Another free premium WordPress theme that will aggregate all your feeds of all kind at once place in attractive format with tooltips. Great looking suitable for magazine or news.

Aggregator Free Premium WordPress Theme

Theme Features:
  • Widget based layout – add as many feeds as you want using one single widget again and again.

  • Specify post count on each feed.

  • While aggregating feeds for image / video site, you have an option to display the feeds as images or post titles.

  • Aggregate feeds of any kind – blog posts, flickr images, video or audio

  • On hover of the feed news titles, further snippet of the article is displayed

  • 2 detailed colorschemes

  • Drop-down menu

  • Normal blog, single post and page layouts, comments are also well designed.

Using Aggregator Widget:

Aggregator Widget

We use the power of widgets in this theme. After activating this theme, simply go to widgets section and locate “Aggregator Widget” and add it to the “Home Page Feeds” sidebar. Expand it and add the feed address and other options. Voila! Your first feed is added. Need to add more? No problems. Repeat the procedure :). You may add as many widgets as per your wish. Whats more, you can also add other widgets inbetween such as Ad widget.


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