Simple Free Html Contact Form For Blogs

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Last year i wrote a post on creating a Contact Me or Contact Us forms and adding them to your blog.In that post we looked at using "Email Me Form" to create your contact form and while the version they provide worked very well in this post i will show you a much easier quicker Contact form your can use.While Email Me Form required you to register and had a limit on the number of forms you could create this new contact form can be created in seconds without the need to register and not limits are in place on the number you can create.

With Foxy Form you simply choose the fields you want included in your form, add the Email address you want to be forwarded to messages to and generate the code.You can optionally use the advanced options to change the appearance of the form like fonts and colors.

Demo - See a working demo on Our Templates Site : Contact Form Demo

Get Your Contact Form

To get your contact form for your blog first follow this link to

Fill in the contact form Settings, Extra options and enter the Email you want messages forwarded to then click create.You will be provided with the Html code for the form which you can copy and add to a Static page on your blog.

That's it very easy and it's very  important you provide readers with a way to contact you in a more private manner than comments.Here is the link To check out the post on Creating a contact form with Email Me Form .Let us know what you think !

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