Change The Number Of Posts Displayed In Your Feedburner Feed

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feedburner logo blackYour Blogs Rss Feed by default displays the latest 25 posts.This is true with the default Blogger feed and the Feedburner feed.Most blogs are using the Feedburner feed provided by Google and if you don't you should (How To Get A Feedburner Feed).You can change the number of posts displayed on your feed page to any number of posts you like and in this post i will show you how it's done and why you should change.

You may think the reason for changing the number of posts displayed in your feedburner would be to increase it, but in fact it's the opposite.Most people that visit your blogs feed have got there from your blog so they have seen your posts and are there to subscribe.You want as many Rss subscribers as possible so you want to make subscribing as easy as possible.

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