How To Automatically Digg All Your Blog Posts

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auto digg blog postsOne of the ways bloggers build links to their posts and attract new visitors is by bookmarking their posts on social bookmarking sites.Perhaps the most popular bookmarking site is and a blog post becoming popular on Digg could have a massive effect on your blog.In fact if you managed to have a post become popular enough to make it onto the front page of digg it could turn into hundreds of thousands of new visitors.

Digging you posts does take time and until now there was no way of 'Auto Digging' your latest posts.Some gadgets did claim they would automatically Digg you posts but the submission process make it almost imposable.I think Digg realised most storeys were Dugg by their authors so with the release of the new Digg layout they have included the option to submit your blog to be Auto Dugg.

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