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Free Google EbookEverything you do on your blog to help perform better on Google and other search engines would be considered S.E.O. (Search Engine Optimization).S.E.O. is big business with people paying S.E.O. company's big bucks to optimize their websites.Most Bloggers don't have lots of money to invest in S.E.O. or any part of their blog so you have to cover S.E.O. yourself.Here on Spice Up Your Blog i have built a great archive of Posts in the S.E.O. Tips category and I'm always working on bringing you the latest SEO Tips.Google for their part also try to help the Bloggers and Webmasters who don't have money to trow at optimizing their sites.The best resource made available by Google is their SEO Ebook and just today they have released the updated version.In the Free Google SEO Ebook they give you a fantastic guide with SEO Tips and Tricks that is easy to follow even for the complete newbie.

This Free Google SEO Ebook shows real examples with step by step information on all aspects of SEO.As the Ebook is from the people you are trying to optimize you Blog for in Google you know the information will be invaluable.

Google SEO Ebook

Here are some of the areas the Google SEO Ebook covers :

-Create unique, accurate page titles
-Make use of the "description" meta tag
-Improving Site Structure
-Improve the structure of your URLs
-Make your site easier to navigate
-Optimizing =Content
-Offer quality content and services
-Write better anchor text
-Optimize your use of images
-Use heading tags appropriately
-Dealing with Crawlers
-Make effective use of robots.txt
-Be aware of rel="nofollow" for links
-SEO for Mobile Phones
-Notify Google of mobile sites
-Guide mobile users accurately
-Promotions and Analysis
-Promote your website in the right ways
-Make use of free webmaster tools

The Google SEO Ebook is in Pdf format and you can open it or download it directly from this page.To get your copy of the Free Google SEO Ebook simply click the link below :

Download The Free Google SEO Ebook

You probably wont have time to read the entire Ebook in one sitting so be sure to save the link or Bookmark this post.

I would love to hear what you think of the Google SEO Tips Ebook in the comments, Enjoy.

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