10 Tips for Writing a Successful Blog

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Guest post by Emily Murray

There are many key elements that go into creating a successful blog! Some of the most important key elements of a successful blog surround your content and its relative components. The actual content that you write in your blog posts will be one of your greatest tools for blog success. No matter what your blog is about you’ll want to start by making sure that it is user friendly and can be easily navigated. A reader usually decides within a short amount of time whether they will be sticking around or not! After you’ve got that down, you’ll need to focus on your purpose and your content.

10 of the best tips for writing a successful blog

Create a Niche- When creating a successful blog it is so important to narrow down what the general theme of your blog will be about. If you have yet to start a blog think about where you want to go with it, what do you know a lot about, what information could you share with others? The options are really endless! You just need to think about a topic or idea that can be turned into a daily or weekly post that people would want to check out.

Know Your Audience- Who are you writing for? One of the hardest things for bloggers to realize is that they are not just writing in a journal that no one will read. As a blogger you are potentially opening the door to hundreds, if not thousands, of readers. When it comes to writing a successful blog it is not only what you write but the way you write it that is going to make a huge difference in your level of success. Try to think about your audience when creating your posts and write just as if you were talking to them in person.

Content is Key-What you write about in your posts is what is going to keep your readers coming back. Your posts should be engaging, informative, and to the point.

Stay on Topic- This is one of the most well known tricks of the trade! When it comes to writing a successful blog it is important to write posts relevant to your blogs niche. Now if you write a blog for the fun of it, you can throw this tip out the window. However, if you’re writing to gain an audience you’ll need to stick to the theme of your blog so your readers don’t get confused.

SEO- SEO is a huge topic that is very important in writing a successful blog, I highly suggest doing a little research on it if you’re new to the game. To get you started, one of the best tips for utilizing SEO is in your blog posts is to have a keyword density of about 2.1% so if your post is 300 words long then you should use your keywords 6-7 times. Also try to keep your keywords in order. For example if your keyword phrase is “free Blogger templates”, type it just like that throughout the post and don’t break it up to unless you have to.

Research Before You Write- Another key component in writing a successful blog is to offer your readers something about a topic that they may not have known. I like to throw in facts because I think they’re fun, find what works for you! Some topics don’t require any research but if it is a complex topic make sure that you are well versed before you dive in to writing a post all about it! Show your readers that your information is creditable! Step by step instructions are also helpful in writing a successful blog, a clear description can really separate the successful blogs from the not so successful blogs!

Add a Little Character- One of the great things about blogs is that they allow you to be you! You’re working for yourself so inevitably you have the ability to set the tone for your blog. Try not to be an encyclopedia, don’t just type out a bunch of information and be done with it. In order to write a successful blog you should personalize your posts, share your experience or opinion, throw in some humor, and just let your readers know that you are a real person.

Break It Up- Blogs are supposed to be easy reads. If your posts will be on the longer side break them up by using images, lists, bullets, and splitting paragraphs into shorter sections.

Edit- Even if your blog post is short don’t forget to edit it! Re-read it and spell check it before posting. Mistakes will happen but another great thing about blogs is they aren’t expected to be perfect; still you should always double check your work.

Get Your Readers Involved- Most people LOVE to give their opinion so why not ask. Every now and then ask your readers to share their tips, tricks, success stories, or
views on a certain topic. This is not only a great way to get readers involved but it also allows you to create a community within your blog which is another key element in running a successful blog.

Reply to Comments- Your readers are part of the foundation that forms your success, without them there is not much rhyme or reason to even having a blog in most cases. So take a few minutes every day or every other day to respond to comments left on your blog.
These tips combined with a user friendly blog with a great layout, theme, and style will have you well on your way to writing a successful blog in no time at all.

Emily Murray is a Freelance Writer Tips and Information for Writers of all levels.Emily can be found on Info Barrel were she is a prominent Writer and contributor.

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