How To Add A Scrolling Recent Posts List To Your Blog

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As always I'm on the look out for tips, Widgets and Gadgets to display your recent and popular posts and keep people on your blog.With a little help we can implemnt a few tricks to achieve this.
This widget is nice clean and simple and will scroll your recent posts across your blog taking up very little space.

You should check out how it looks :

Click Here To See A Live Demo

Once your cursor hovers over a post title it will stop scrolling so you can easily select the post you want.

I think it would be best placed above your posts like below :

Add A Scrolling Marquee Recent Posts Gadget To Your Blog

So how do we add it to your blog

Step 1 :Copy the code below :

<a href=''><img alt='Best Blogger Tips' src=''/></a><script style="text/javascript" src=""> </script><script style="text/javascript"> var nMaxPosts = 15; var sBgColor; var nWidth; var nScrollDelay = 175; var sDirection="left"; var sOpenLinkLocation="N"; var sBulletChar="•"; </script> <script style="text/javascript" src=""></script>

You Must Change My .Blogspot Adderss:

To Your .Blogspot Address :

Step 2 :Click 'Layout' Then 'Add A Gadget' for your blog..

Blogger layout

add a gadget blogger

Step 3 :Choose Html/Javascript from the menu..

add html javascript blogger

Step 4 :Once You Choose Html/Javascript you are provided with an area to place the code - paste in the code you have copied from above.

Options :

If you like you could write Recent posts above the gadget the post titles will scroll below

You can also change the (speed =175) (maxposts =15) (direction =left) (OpenLinkLocation=N)(BulletChar=•)

If you have expirence there is more you can edit if you want help changing anything leave a comment below

That's it your recent posts scroll has been added.

Have you used it let us know.How does it look on your blog?

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